Generating AI Nudes with

Recently, I have been experimenting with using to generate nudes. is a tool that generates still images of human females. 

What I love about AI porn is that it lets me take control of the experience. I am able to create something new.

This allows me to explore my taste and fine tune my result based on my current mood or craving. For me personally, the most interesting aspect is being able to tweak the body attributes. As someone who fantasizes about a wide range of body types, I love being able to add or decrease various aspects of body size depending on my mood. Sometimes, I want a woman who is big, confident, and beautiful. At other times, I am more excited about the idea of a woman who is slender and petite. And of course, there are also the times where I prefer to fantasize a woman who has realistic, average proportions.

AI Nudes – The Options

Currently, the creator is rapidly adding features to the tool. I have been using it for about two weeks, and there is an announcement every couple days with new attributes, settings, and features. So, please note that any features I highlight today will quickly become out of date as the tool continues to grow. With that being said, here are some of the cool things you can do with today:

Un-Cropping and Repositioning

After a model is generated, it may be cropped. However, you can zoom out and reposition the cropping to have the rest of the AI nude generated.

ai nudes repositioning

Realistic Model Generation

The app includes a setting to make the skin and other aspects of the AI nudes more realistic. It allows the user to trade some of the model’s creativity for realism.


After your image is generated, you can manually select parts of the image for adjustment. In the below example, the breast size was modified.

ai nudes inpainting

Tons of Character Attributions

The tool allows you to select body details, ethnicity, age (18+), position, clothing, expression, as well as a variety of other characteristics. 

Here’s an example of the current clothing options at the time of this writing:

ai nudes options

Healthy Engagement

I personally think AI nudes, and in general all of AI porn, is incredibly fascinating and a great opportunity for humanity to evolve its relationship with society. With that in mind, I believe that engaging with the application in a healthy and sustainable way is key. It is important to keep the risks of addiction in mind.

Opportunities for AI Nudes Software to Improve

In terms of where the application has room to grow (along with other applications in the space), I think there are two key opportunities at the time of this writing.

The first opportunity is simple, which is to add more gender diversity to the models generated. While it’s completely fair and encouraged for a software development project to have a clearly defined scope (in this case, generating AI nudes of women), ultimately I believe that adding more options along the gender spectrum could increase the total addressable market.

The second opportunity for improvement would be the language in the user interface. While the AI is most likely using language that is commonly used in porn as that is what it is trained on, I personally believe that the AI revolution is an opportunity to define new cultural norms around sex positivity and safe exploration. To help facilitate this, I hope AI porn developers will consider will migrating away from historical porn terms that may be associated with negativity. 

Examples of this include options such as “perfect boobs” which reinforces a legacy perception that one specific body type is “perfect.” 

In the example of “perfect boobs,” the AI model is most likely looking at images which are literally classified as “perfect boobs” in the source categorical data, so it is not the fault of the AI or the developer for creating a model that is accurate. However, even though there is no fault, it is still an opportunity for creators – especially on the side of UX design – to find small ways to make the interface terminology welcomes all types of users regardless of their gender and body shape. 

As the tool evolves and potentially grows into a larger scope, and the community brings in more diverse users with more diverse use cases cases, I hope that this tool (and all tools of this nature) will evolve in the direction, as it will help the AI revolution create a new world in which everyone can explore their fantasies in a healthy and sustainable manner.


I absolutely love it. Despite my nitpicks about the terminology, I do feel that is on the absolute forefront of AI nudes and deserves support. At this time I am wholeheartedly recommending it and am also a subscriber of the Patreon.

The Porn Renaissance: How Technology is Revolutionizing the Industry

Gone are the days of poorly-produced, exploitative pornography. Thanks to advancements in technology, the porn industry is undergoing a major renaissance, offering consumers a higher tier of quality content and the opportunity to support sex workers directly. In this article, we’ll explore the exciting developments of the “porn renaissance,” as well as how you can play a role in supporting ethical and consensual forms of adult entertainment.

The Dark History of Pornography

It’s important to acknowledge that the modern porn industry did have its roots in a dark period of exploitation and abuse. However, in recent years, a new era of sex positivity, entrepreneurship, human rights, and sexual wellness has emerged, thanks in part to the rise of independent creators and platforms that prioritize consent and ethical practices.

A Brief History of Sex-Positivity

Sex-positivity, or the belief that all consensual sexual activity is healthy and positive, has a long history dating back to ancient civilizations. Despite periods of religious oppression and patriarchy, there have always been individuals who fought for sexual liberation and the rights of all people to enjoy pleasure and agency. Here are just a few examples:

  • Hypatia (350-415 AD): Greek philosopher and mathematician who was openly bisexual and fought against patriarchy and religious oppression.
  • Hildegard of Bingen (1098-1179): German abbess, writer, and composer who wrote about sexuality and the importance of sexual pleasure for all genders.
  • Queen Nzinga (1583-1663): Leader of the Ndongo and Matamba Kingdoms in Angola who fought against Portuguese colonizers and promoted resistance to patriarchy.
  • Isadora of Seville (6th century AD): Spanish nun who wrote about sexual pleasure for all genders and advocated for women’s rights within the church.

The modern sex-positive movement gained momentum in the United States during the 1960s and 1970s, thanks to the efforts of feminists like:

  • Betty Dodson (1929-present): American sex educator and author who promotes sexual liberation and self-love.
  • Anne Koedt (1928-2006): American feminist writer and activist who wrote about the importance of sexual liberation for women.
  • Gayle Rubin (1949-present): American feminist theorist and activist who writes about gender, sexuality, and power.
  • Ellen Willis (1941-2006): American feminist writer and activist who worked for sexual liberation and the rights of women to control their own bodies.

The Porn Renaissance: How Technology is Changing the Game

Thanks to the Internet and advancements in streaming technology, the porn industry is undergoing a major transformation. Consumers now have access to a wide variety of high-quality content from independent creators, as well as the option to support these creators directly through subscription-based or pay-per-view models.

In addition to providing consumers with a wider range of ethical and consensual options, the porn renaissance has also given rise to a new generation of entrepreneurs and sex workers who are using technology to take control of their own careers and brands.

Challenges and Limitations of the Porn Renaissance

While the porn renaissance has brought many positive changes to the industry, it is important to acknowledge that challenges and limitations remain. For example, content filters and age verification technologies have sparked controversy and debate around issues of privacy and censorship. In addition, the industry still has a long way to go in terms of ensuring that sex workers have safe and fair working conditions.

How You Can Support the Porn Renaissance

There are many ways you can support the porn renaissance and help to create a more ethical, consensual, and sex-positive industry. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Support independent creators: Look for websites and platforms that showcase the work of independent producers, directors, and performers, and consider supporting them through subscription-based or pay-per-view models.
  • Use your purchasing power: Choose to support companies and platforms that prioritize consent and ethical practices. Avoid supporting those that engage in exploitation or abuse.
  • Educate yourself and others: Learn more about the porn industry and the issues it faces, and share this knowledge with your friends, family, and community.
  • Get involved in activism: Join or support organizations that work to promote sexual liberation, consent, and the rights of sex workers.

By taking these steps, you can play a role in supporting the porn renaissance and creating a more sex-positive, consent-based industry.

In conclusion, the porn industry is undergoing a major transformation thanks to advancements in technology and a shift towards sex positivity and ethical practices. As consumers, we have the power to support independent creators and platforms that prioritize consent and fairness, and to create a more positive and consensual industry for all involved. By educating ourselves and getting involved in activism, we can play a role in shaping the future of pornography and promoting sexual liberation for all.


SexLikeReal is Better than Pornhub VR, By Far

I tried Pornhub VR when I first got my headset and it was disappointing. Then, I found SexLikeReal.

I love SexLikeReal and have spent over 100 hours on their website. Not only do I watch the same videos over and over again, but I also have a huge list of titles on my Watch Later list.

Diverse Content

SexLikeReal has videos that focus on a broad range of sexual desires and preferences. In order to help you find what you’re looking for, they have a robust tag library. The aforementioned tag library has a wealth of options around race, gender, body types, sex acts, locations, situations, and kinks.

By default, SexLikeReal will display videos that focus on fantasies with women, which they refer to as their straight library. These videos usually include lesbian VR videos, solo female VR videos, and VR videos of men having sex with women. On top of that, they have the type of content that makes VR special: simulations where you get to perform various sex acts with women.

If you’re looking for videos that focus on fantasies with men, start with SexLikeReal’s gay category. In the gay category, you can find VR videos of men masturbating and men having sex with men.

SexLikeReal also has a “trans/shemale” category which focuses on models with male genitalia and secondary female characteristics (i.e. breasts). While there are issues with the terminology (and a lot of the other words SexLikeReal uses for this content), the videos themselves are high quality and worth exploring. For more information regarding trans identity in pornography, I recommend this article from Vice.

pornhub vr sucks


SexLikeReal has a few different tiers of content:

Free Videos – a curated list of completely free videos. I recommend using these videos to test out your headset and play space before committing to a purchase.

SLR Premium – a monthly subscription that provides access to a HUGE library of content for streaming and download. 99% of my time on SexLikeReal is spent watching SLR Premium videos. The default pricing is $29/month, with discounts available for quarterly and yearly pricing. On top of that, they often offer holiday discounts.

Pay-Per-Video– videos which require a one-time payment to unlock. In my experience, these videos are generally $5-$10 in price and thirty minutes to three hours in length. Similar to Steam Sales, you can often find specific videos available at temporary discounts. At the time of this writing, I’ve personally purchased about twenty Pay-Per-View videos on SexLikeReal. Once you purchase a video, you get permanent access to it.

Live Cams – live performers which you can chat with and tip.


Resolution is always high, with each video providing unique options. Most of the videos I have watched on SexLikeReal were well made with a very clear image. While the majority of videos are absolutely perfect by modern day videos, I did find a few old JAV videos that were a bit dark or blurry (but to be honest, I still enjoyed them because they were weird).

This site has countless unique fetish studios. Many of these studios focus heavily on pissing/peeing, while many incorporate it with other fetishes. With the premium subscription alone, I was able to enjoy 10+ hours of unique, well-made, specific, and nuanced pissing and peeing videos. I watched most of these videos more than once.

pornhub vr sucks


The VR interface for is fantastic. As expected, it’s easy to save videos to a favorites list, the filter by Studio, Category, or the Premium / Pay Per View library.

The best part about the interface is that videos can have tags at various time stamps, allowing you to skip around to specific parts. For example, if you want to skip the #tease and go straight to #cowgirl, all you have to do is click. If the first #cowgirl scene isn’t the angle you want, then just skip straight to #cowgirl2. This also helps you check easily if the sex finishes with #creampie or not.

For more information about technical features of the virtual reality interface, I recommend my guide for watching VR porn.

Fleshlight Integration

Many of the videos on SexLikeReal have Fleshlight integration. This allows you to synchronize the video with your fleshlight via Bluetooth.

When your fleshlight is synchronized, you’ll be able to feel the action directly.

Conclusion – Pornhub VR Doesn’t Cut It

Avoid pornhub VR. Since pornhub isn’t curated, the quality is inconsistent and many “VR” videos on Pornhub are actually just simple VR gimmicks designed for cell phones or Google Cardboard.

In my opinion, currently SexLikeReal is the only choice for immersive virtual reality porn with high production value.

It’s easy to find out if SexLikeReal, and VR porn in general, is right for you. Just start with the free videos section:

pornhub vr sucks

VR Porn Addiction and Health

As a whole, the effects of internet pornography are poorly understood. Currently, medical processionals, sex educators, and businesses with a vested stake in the industry are engaged in debates on the subject.

If you feel your life is negatively impacted by internet pornography, I recommend visiting On this website, you can find various studies and resources for exploring your situation and possible next steps.

As a whole, the effects of internet pornography are poorly understood. Currently, medical processionals, sex educators, and businesses with a vested stake in the industry are engaged in debates on the subject.

The inception of virtual reality only adds complication. Like many other aspects of our digital ecosystem, virtual reality technology and internet pornography are evolving faster than our ability to fully understand their impact.

With this in mind, my opinion is that choosing to engage in internet pornography and VR porn is a personal journey that should be taken with conscious intention and moderation. Like many other freedoms, it comes with an expectation of responsibility.

Exploring the current research on the topic can be a great way to develop your own strategy for self-assessment and healthy engagement. There is no one-size-fits-all approach. My personal opinion is that the above website is the best place to get started.

My Own Experience with VR Porn

In moderation, I personal found VR porn to be healthier for me than regular porn.

One of the primary criticisms of 2d porn, a.k.a. non-VR porn, is that it trains the viewer to engage in sexual experiences as an outside participant; to engage as a voyeur.

While VR porn can also offer voyeuristic experiences, I personally found myself gravitating towards the interactive experiences that simulated engaging with a consenting partner.

When consuming VR porn, I find myself regularly engaging in simulated eye contact with the virtual partner, even smiling while doing so. I also find the empathetic parts of my brain activating with the intention of providing the virtual partner with pleasure. While traditional 2d porn trained me to enjoy the models as distant pleasure objects, virtual reality porn trained me to enjoy the models as simulations of real partners.

While “storyline” in pornography has become a joke, I had a contrary experience with VR porn. To my surprise, VR allowed me to actually enjoy the slow build up of the dialogue as it slowly made its way to enthusiastic consent.

Of course, real experiences offer greater ROI than simulated experiences. But when comparing 2d porn against VR porn, I would say that simulated interpersonal experiences (VR) are healthier than simulated voyeuristic experiences (2d).

I do think that VR porn, when consumed in moderation, and with the correct intentions, can be an opportunity to explore simulated interpersonal experiences. Additionally, the right types of simulations can even promote healthy consent practices and empathy.


VR Porn Guide

TLDR: Oculus Quest 2 + SexLikeReal + DeoVR Player

TLDR: To watch VR porn, get an Oculus Quest 2, launch the DeoVR video app from within the Oculus apps menu, click “Browser,” then navigate to SexLikeReal.

VR is short for “virtual reality” and refers to immersive experiences that feel real. After years of being a cheap gimmick, VR has finally reached the level where totally immersive sexual experiences are possible.

What you need:

  1. Headset – Oculus Quest 2
  2. Software – DeoVR
  3. Website – SexLikeReal

Part 1 – A Proper Headset

Currently, you need a VR headset to experience adult content in VR. Phones can’t handle modern VR, though I expect mobile VR technology to catch up within the next couple of years. So, if you want to experience VR porn today, I recommend using a proper headset.

Second: unlike headsets that require a PC wires, and sensors, the Quest 2 operates independently and wirelessly. This is important for VR porn, because you will want to move around your physical environment and simulate different positions/scenarios.

I specifically recommend the Oculus Quest 2. First: it’s the cheapest option (~$299 on Amazon).

For example, you will want to watch some videos while laying on your back. Some are most immersive while sitting in a chair. Some scenes might even prompt you to get down on your knees or stomach. Just like real sexuality, options exist for every preference.

Most other headsets require a substantial amount of wires or mounted sensors, which can make it cumbersome to change positions. With the Oculus Quest 2, you don’t have to deal with any of that.

Compared to other headsets, the Oculus Quest 2 also looks cooler and more low-pro.

Avoid Pornhub (at first)

If you are just starting out, the first website you want to check is SexLikeReal (I have an in-depth review here). Their interface is fantastic, and they have a huge content library that should satisfy most preferences. Once you try out their content and have a general idea of what VR porn is capable of, you can then move on to other sites and even Pornhub, but the quality of the content will be mixed.

The specific issue with most VR porn sites is inconsistency. Due to rapidly evolving technology and production techniques, lots of content out there is designed or optimized for older technology, and doesn’t accurately represent how far VR porn has come. In fact, my personal opinion is that adult content in VR has only really become viable this year, now that we 6k/90fps and fleshlights that can sync with the video.

The content on SexLikeReal is highly curated and most videos you’ll find on there meet modern day standards. This includes things like framerate, stereoscopic, resolution, etc. If you’re brand new to to VR and intimidated by the terms, don’t worry. After a little bit of exploration, these terms will become as natural as HD vs. SD.

If you have ever tried VR porn on Pornhub or on your cell phone and were disappointed, I encourage you to try SexLikeReal with a proper headset; it will likely blow your mind.

Experiencing porn in VR changed everything for me. I will share my journey in another post, but TLDR it’s just more fun and makes me happier than regular porn does. The primary reason is that my brain pretty much thinks it’s real sex with real partners.

vr porn guide

Important Step: Make Sure You Use the DeoVR application.

In the DeoVR application (it comes pre-installed on the Oculus Quest 2), you have the option to launcher URLs in a browser. Using the DeoVR application to launch SexLikeReal gives you access to important VR video controls and playback options, so don’t just use the regular browser.

  1. Open the DeoVR App on your Oculus Quest 2
  2. Click Browser
  3. Go to
  4. Click on the option to launch the VR app

Once you load the app, you can browse content in VR, and videos will play in VR. Make sure to open up the extended menu and mess around with the following controls:

  • Force Monoscopic (this can resolve display issues, see explanation in later section)
  • Zoom – While “zoom” features are already notorious in porn for obvious reasons, Zoom in VR offers a lot of utility for fixing immersion issues. If a character appears too large or too small to be “believable,” small tweaks in zoom can make all the difference.
  • Height – Important for changing your viewpoint. For example, if an experience has you standing face to face with a model, but you want to be on your knees, you can use the Height adjustment to correct the viewpoint.

Once you get a feel for the options, and try out content from a few different producers, you should have an idea of what type of VR content you want to find.

Otherwise, whatever you’re looking for should be out there! Good luck, enjoy, and stay safe!

VR Porn Guide – FAQ

When I watch Oculus Quest VR porn, I see “double” images and/or ghosting, or duplicate images.

Solution: Enable “Force Monoscopic” or close one eye.

If you are seeing duplicate images overlapping over one another, aka ghosting, there could be a few causes.

The most common cause is that the video is old or just bad. Perhaps it was made for older hardware, or exported incorrectly.

The other possibility is that the photographer used incorrect filming techniques. In general, VR cameras need to have a minimum distance away from the subject. Just like a pair of human eyes, distortion occurs when an object gets too close. To understand this phenomenon, look at your own finger really close to your eye and notice how you see two of it. The same thing happens when filming VR. Just like real life, you can close one eye to solve the problem.

For the most part, SexLikeReal has solutions for both of these issues. First, they curate their videos. All videos meet a certain quality standard. Second, their VR Player has an option to “Force Monoscopic.”

“Force Monoscopic” will disable stereoscopic video, a.k.a. the thing that simulates depth perception. This will prevent the video from being truly 3d, but it’s still pretty immersive IMHO.

How do I Force Monoscopic? I don’t have the option?

If you are watching using the DeoVR player, click the additional options menu to find the Force Monoscopic option. If you don’t see this option available, you are most likely using a different browser and not the DeoVR player.

Will Facebook know if I use my Oculus Quest 2 for VR porn?

The Oculus Quest 2 requires a Facebook login. Many people avoid using the Oculus Quest 2 to watch VR porn for this reason.

If I buy an Oculus Quest 2, do I need 64GB or 256GB?

64GB is fine. This is due to the fact that most content will be streamed anyway.

For those hoping to play offline: It is possible to download some videos, but they are so large (10GB+) that even if you had 256GB available, it still wouldn’t be enough to amass a proper porn library.

Will tethering to my phone provide enough bandwidth to stream VR porn?

Probably not. When I tried this myself (I have T-Mobile unlimited), it wasn’t sufficient and the videos had to pause and buffer every few seconds. I couldn’t find a solution to that.

Start with SexLikeReal

SexLikeReal is the top ranked VR porn site on Google for a reason. It’s also the first site I tried for VR porn the day I got my Oculus Quest 2.

I still have not consumed all the content that comes with the Premium subscription. They add content faster than I can watch it all.

Something that’s important to understand about VR videos is that it’s easier to consume slowly. With regular porn, it’s tempting to skip around to the best part. However, with VR porn, it feels more like real life which makes it much easier to watch in real-time, allowing the suspense to naturally build up.

On top of the premium subscription, I have bought twenty or so of their Pay Per View videos. The videos are a lot cheaper than other sites like Clips4sale. Along with that, the production value is higher, there’s more model diversity, and the clips are longer.

There are a lot of great studios on SexLikeReal. Personally I like the weird niche JAV fetish ones like PetersMAX, WOW!, TMAVR, and SodCreate. My favorites list has a huge backlog of new titles I still want to pick up.

vr porn guide

Thank you for stopping by. I get affiliate commissions for signups, and genuinely think that both the Premium Subscription and Pay Per Video products are fantastic.